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Terms of service

Please read this agreement carefully. When you purchase from you have to accept and agree to all the terms and conditions.


This agreement has been updated recently on 01 February 2022. If you cannot acknowledge and agree to the terms and services for, then do not accept and register. If there are any further updates, it will be added to your agreement.


You will avoid uploading anything inappropriate that violate Instagram’s community guidelines that include illegal things, nudity, hate speech, fraud, or violence. Our services will only be used for promotion of your Instagram account or pictures. We will only be responsible for interactions during the process. We do not guarantee you any engagement on your future posts from your new followers.


You agree that while purchasing from, you will not cause any disputes via bank, PayPal, or credit card. If you try to cause any dispute or file any transaction/chargeback, we will ban your Instagram username or IP address and remove all the followers/likes you purchased from us.

Copyright  not allow you to copy image, text, or anything else from the website without consent and permission.

Confidential information

The information you sent to the website during the process will be taken as non-confidential. Your information will only be used to provide you with the services you have purchased.


You must bound by the terms of the agreement without holding us responsible for any consequences, losses or damages. You have purchased our services at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any problem.

Age limit

Your age should be over 13 years to agree to our terms and to purchase our services.

Money-back and refund policy

You can contact our support team if you want a refund. Refunds will only be provided if you have a real and severe problem. Further information is given on the refund policy page.


  • We will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss that may occur.
  • We try to deliver the services to our customers on time. But in case our system faces any issue, our delivery process may take some time.

You have to acknowledge and agree to all the terms & conditions before purchasing our services. You can rest assured that we guarantee your satisfaction and try our best to maintain quality.